"Awakened Rose is for the Goddess' and Gods' of the millennium. Where jewelry isn't just a statement but a way to heal and empower yourself. Where chic and spirituality meet.
Our Awakened Rose tribe are the healers, the lovers, the rebels, the Awakened, and influencers of the world. Awakened Rose stands for believing in yourself and your power and awakening to the beauty of it all.            
   - Tayler Jenkins (Awakened Rose CEO/Designer)
Awakened Rose was created in the Spring of 2014, by Tayler Jenkins. Tayler's passion for crystals, fashion, healing, empowerment, and spirituality is what fueled her to create Awakened Rose. Awakened Rose jewelry is designed and made in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles by Tayler Jenkins using the finest metals and all natural crystals and gemstones from all over the world. Each piece is designed uniquely to enhance healing, empowerment, and beauty to the wearer.